Hoodie to Match Jordan Retro 13 Chutney-CHIEF 13 Black Hoodie

Hoodie to Match Jordan Retro 13 Chutney-CHIEF 13 Black Hoodie




Product type: Clothing, Shoes & Accessories:Men's Clothing:Coats & Jackets

Vendor: SNELOS

Tags: Jordan 13 Carmelo Anthony, Match Jordan 13 Carmelo Hoodie


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Perfect Hoodie to match Jordan Retro 13 Chutney-CHIEF 13 Black Hoodie


Match the bestselling sneakers with the hottest shirt designs.

  • SNELOS Clothing 
  • Made 100% pre-shrunk cotton
  • Fits true to size

*You may refer to size chart for correct measurements.

**This sale does not include shoes.

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